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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of commonly asked questions about our service.


Q: Do we have to buy the lights first?
A: As part of the holiday lighting service, we will provide lights, extension cords, and timers as required to decorate your home.


Q: What do I do if a bulb goes out?
A: Call or email us so we can send someone out to fix the problem.


Q: Do I have to take the lights down?
A: No. As part of our service, we will be back after the holiday season ends to remove the lights.


Q: When will the lights turn on or off?
A: The lights can be setup  on a timer to turn on at 5pm and turn off at 12am every night, but you can choose your own hours.


Q: Do you turn the lights on after you installed them?
A: Typically we will come back out the day of Thanksgiving to plug in the lights and make sure everything is looking great.





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